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Synergos Technologies Announces 23rd Quarterly Release of STI: PopStats - Today's Only Quarterly Population Estimates -

AUSTIN, TX -- April 3, 2007 -- Synergos Technologies, Inc., provider of technology and data products, announces the 23rd quarterly release of STI: PopStats, the retail and real estate development industry's first and only quarterly updated population estimates.

In October 2001, Synergos Technologies introduced a pioneering line of quarterly population estimates in its keystone product, STI: PopStats. Both at the time of its debut and continuing into the present, STI: PopStats stands alone in its provision of revised population data every 3 months.

In today's ever changing, high-speed business climate, leading national and regional retailers rely on the most time sensitive information available in order to make more informed decisions when targeting and maximizing high-growth markets. STI: PopStats serves many of today's leading national and regional retailers in every market sector, from advertising and media buys to real estate and retail development, allowing those retailers to more effectively personalize service to neighborhoods and customers.

Further setting itself apart, Synergos Technologies and its hardened methodology includes landmark 5 and 10 year projections delivered every January, April, July, and October. STI: PopStats has elevated market research to a whole new level, increasing the accuracy, reliability, and adaptability of estimates to help retailers discover hidden high-growth markets before their competitors, understand changing market conditions in existing stores, and reduce the time and cost of field research.

Constantly at the forefront of consumer data products, in 2004, Synergos Technologies released a powerful complement to its products in STI: Workplace, which provides quarterly revised business and employment data. In 2006, Synergos Technologies again broke ground with the launch of STI: Landscape, which provides the market research industry's first and only neighborhood segmentation system that includes lifestyle attitudes that influence customer's purchasing decisions.

Look for the next quarterly release of STI: PopStats in July 2007. For more information, visit

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