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STI Launches STI: Landscape to Answer the "Why?" of Consumer Buying

Now Retailers Can Segment Customers by 10 Purchase-Influencing Lifestyle Attitudes

AUSTIN, TX -- APRIL 25, 2006 -- Synergos Technologies, Inc., an innovator of timely and accurate consumer data products for retailers, announces the introduction of a new neighborhood segmentation system into the geodemographic marketplace -- STI: Landscape. Unlike existing neighborhood segmentation systems, STI: Landscape groups consumers according to three dimensions: their demographics, their geography, and the lifestyle attitudes that influence their purchases -- such as technology adoption, political inclinations, and healthy-living factors.

The science of segmenting consumers by their demographic and geographic characteristics has existed since the 1970s. However, "while consumers' purchasing attitudes have evolved over the past three decades, the segmentation systems have not along matured with them," says Robert Welch, President, Synergos Technologies. "Today retailers need a more technologically advanced segmentation system that not only groups consumers by geodemographic factors, but also by lifestyle attitudes.

"By exploring consumer segmentation from this new perspective, we found that each household has a unique set of attitudes that influence its residents' buying habits -- including everything from their physical activity levels to their political support," says Welch. "For example, one household may be the first to purchase leading-edge technologies, while another household may wait years to adopt the latest technologies."

Synergos Technologies developed its unique "lifestyles-with-attitude" analytic methodology by augmenting traditional geodemographic segmentation processes with non-demographic consumer lifestyle indices from organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Federal Elections Committee. The result is the creation of 10 Lifestyle Indices in two categories: Health and Social.

STI: Landscape's five Health Indices relate to lifestyle decisions that affect consumers' health. They are:

STI: Landscape's five Social Indices relate to the human condition and consumers' attitudes that form that condition. They are:

Each index can be independently applied to the STI: Landscape consumer segmentation system, or any combination of indices can be integrated to create a customized segmentation model that meets a retailer's specific consumer segmentation needs. Synergos Technologies plans to add additional lifestyle indices to the product in the near future.

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