Synergos Technologies Launches STI: Market Outlook to Help Retailers Identify Supply-and-Demand Gaps within Markets

New Data Quantifies Supply-and-Demand by Firm and Product Line - Retailers Can Easily Discover New Growth Opportunities

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Austin, Texas - 1st December, 2009

Synergos Technologies Inc. (STI), an innovator of population-estimating data and technology that helps companies better understand consumers, locations, and trade areas, announced today the launch of its new data product, STI: Market Outlook, which measures annual retail sales and expenditures by common retail categories and product lines, and helps retailers locate and capitalize on unmet consumer demand. The data quantifies the supply-and-demand of products and services in 31 retail categories and 40 retail product categories.

STI: Market Outlook brings compelling insight to the task of researching U.S. markets for growth opportunities. When the numbers show a clear gap between the level of consumer demand in a location and the available supply, retailers can move in and fill the gap. For example, a trade area might show a consumer demand for $10 million in drug store trade; but currently the supply is only $4 million. According to the data, there is a $6 million opportunity for either a new store, to expand, or to pursue cross-merchandising.

"Retail supply-and-demand gaps exist in most U.S. markets. Quantifying these gaps helps retailers immediately see where new sales opportunities exist," says Robert Welch, STI President. "STI: Market Outlook adds this compelling data to retailers' current market research activities. This is a huge advantage in today's challenging economic climate, where every decision needs to be backed by solid research."

STI: Market Outlook delivers several features and benefits to retailers and other location-focused businesses including:

"In the consumer world, it's all about first-come, first-serve," says Welch. "When retailers proactively identify demand gaps in trade areas, they can gain the first-mover advantage, thereby, increasing their chances of winning greater consumer mind- and pocket-share before their competitors."

STI: Market Outlook is the newest data product to join the expanding suite of STI products, including the company's flagship product - STI: PopStats, the market research industry's leading quarterly population estimates. STI is a forward-thinking data product developer, creating new products and expanding products based on a combination of clients' data requests and its own innovative spirit.

STI: Market Outlook is available immediately from STI.

West coast sales contact: Lesley Woodring (602) 770-9136
East coast sales contact: Brian Poole (919) 720-4239

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