Fourth Annual STI: PopStats User Conference Set for March 25th - 27th, 2009

Market Researchers from Companies Nationwide to Meet in Austin to Gain and Share Innovative Demographic Insight

AUSTIN, TX -- DECEMBER 2nd, 2008 -- Synergos Technologies, Inc. (STI), an innovator of population-estimating technology and data for market researchers, announced today its fourth annual STI: PopStats User Conference to be held in Austin, Texas, at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel on March 25th to 27th, 2009.

Attendees will include research professionals from a wide range of industries, including retail, restaurant, grocery, real estate development, health care, and telecommunications. They will come together to learn and share advanced concepts in the application of demographics to everything from new site selection to existing store enhancement.

"In just three years, our PopStats User Conference has grown from a traditional product-oriented event into a true demographic research forum with an academic slant," says Robert Welch, President of STI. "We give our clients and non-clients a forum to speak out and encourage them to voice new ideas in demographic research and product development. The feedback is phenomenal, including statements like: `If I can only attend one conference a year, it will be PopStats User Conference.'"

Along with the popular discussions of STI's product methodologies, enhancements, future development directions, client success stories, and academic theory, the 2009 PopStats User Conference will feature the following topics presented by market research industry veterans:

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About STI: PopStats

STI: PopStats is the market research industry's first quarterly population-estimating data product and today's most accurate and robust demographic data. The up-to-date data gives market researchers greater confidence in their population estimates and gives companies better results when making location-dependent business decisions. STI: PopStats was cited as one of "the most commonly used data sources" by retailers interviewed for a 2008 research study on demographic data by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). In addition, at the recent 2008 ICSC Research Conference General Session, entitled "Retail Site Location: Best Practices," three out of four panelists cited STI: PopStats as their demographic standard.

About Synergos Technologies, Inc. (STI)

For over one decade, STI has provided location-dependent companies with some of the most innovative and confidence-boosting demographic products available, like STI: PopStats and STI: Landscape. A wide range of companies, including many of today's fastest-growing retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, and telecom firms, are using these products to better understand their

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