STI Launches Colossus™ - Introducing the First Single-Source
Database of U.S. Macroeconomic Data Accessible at the County-Level

Companies Can Now, for the First Time, Analyze the Current Underlying
Economic Trends and Future Financial Forces Impacting their Markets

Contact: Karen Jonson
Phone: (512) 329-0615

Austin, Texas - 24th January 2011

Synergos Technologies Inc. (STI), an innovator of industry-leading population data products and technology that helps location-driven companies, such as retailers, better understand markets, populations, and consumers, announced today the launch of STI: Colossus - the first single-source for macroeconomic data accessible at the county-level.

This one-of-a-kind economic database contains millions of economic variables from over 200 leading U.S. federal and state government departments and agencies. Among the data available in Colossus are consumer price indicators, employment figures, housing prices, building permits, income levels, earnings by industry, migration research, banking data, and much more. Companies select only the data they need to create their own customized economic databases.

By analyzing Colossus data, companies can better understand the current underlying economic trends and future financial forces of a market - before they make an investment in an area. This insight can help them make more informed decisions in a wide range of areas, such as location selection, business expansion, and store consolidation.

Now, just as agencies and experts analyze national macroeconomic indicators to forecast economic trends at the national level, with Colossus data businesses can access geographically specific macroeconomic data to analyze and forecast economic trends in a single U.S. trade area.

"In the past, companies could access some of the national macroeconomic data available from government agencies, but the national data provides almost no meaning at the market level," explains Robert Welch, STI President. "Colossus data makes it incredibly easy for companies to not only find this wealth of economic data, but also to extract it at the local level - where it's meaningful for location-driven businesses."

With Colossus data available on their research engines, companies can perform a wide range of market research, such as impact analysis, preferred market analysis, and labor pool research.

Colossus is the newest data product to join the suite of data products available from STI, including the company's flagship product - STI: PopStats™, which is the market research industry's leading quarterly population estimates. STI is a forward-thinking data developer, creating new products and expanding existing products based on both client requests and its own innovative spirit.

Colossus is available immediately. Many datasets within the product are updated as frequently as quarterly, depending on the source data. Also, historical data is included when available.

STI sales contact: Lesley Woodring (602) 770-9136.

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