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Synergos Technologies Issues 16th Release of STI: PopStats - Today's Only Quarterly Population Estimates

Retailers Continue to Gain the Benefits of Accurate and Up-to-Date Consumer Counts

AUSTIN, TX - JULY 5, 2005 - Synergos Technologies, Inc., a leading technology and data products provider, announces the updated quarterly release of STI: PopStats, the retail industry's first and only quarterly population estimates. This is the 16th release of the product, which launched in October 2001.

While other population estimating products are updated only one time per year, STI: PopStats is updated every three months to accurately represent the ever-changing nature of today's populations. In addition, the previous eight quarters of population data are also revised to reflect the new information. The entire package of nine quarters of updated and revised population data, which includes over 600 data variables, is released on-time every January, April, July, and October.

For retailers, STI: PopStats elevates market research to a whole new level of population insight, estimating accuracy, and decision-making power. STI: PopStats helps retailers in all industry sectors discover hidden high-growth areas before their competitors, identify population-related problems in existing stores, and reduce the time and cost of market research.

"While working with retailers over the past decade, Synergos Technologies found that accurate and timely population estimates were one of the biggest missing pieces in profitably selecting new locations and making informed business decisions," says Robert Welch, President of Synergos Technologies. "It's paramount for consumer-focused companies to use accurate data; that's why we bucked the traditional annual approach to population estimates and created an innovative new quarterly data product.

"When population estimates are only updated annually, the numbers become progressively less accurate as the year goes by," adds Welch. "As a result, retailers find them less and less useful. The cumulative effect in our industry has been the marginalization of population estimates — to the point that some retailers have come to view population estimates as a general, rather than primary, tool.

"Our aim with STI: PopStats," says Welch, "is to elevate population estimates to the level of relevancy they deserve, because accurate and timely population estimates can be an extremely powerful tool to analyze new and existing markets. Our customers, which include many of today's leading national and regional retailers from every market sector, tell us that STI: PopStats has raised their confidence in and usage of population estimates."

Every quarterly release of STI: PopStats typically includes new population data. The latest release contains, for the first time, a Transient Population Estimate. Transient population is defined as that population which resides in a hotel or recreational vehicle for at least one night.

"Transient population counts can have a significant impact of many retail operations, such as restaurants and convenience stores, yet these numbers have not previously been available to retailers," says Welch. "But now they are available in the newly updated version of STI: PopStats, adding yet another relevant dimension to population estimating."

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In the past 13 years, Synergos Technologies has supplied many of today's leading marketed-focused companies with innovative technology and data tools to more precisely target their markets and consumers. In 2001, the company successfully expanded into population estimates with the release of STI: PopStats. This unique product was created in response to retailers' demand for a more timely, precise, and results-focused population-estimating product. Today many leading retailers are using Synergos Technologies' products and, as a result, are achieving better market targeting results than ever before. For more information, go to