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Synergos Technologies Issues New Release of STI: Workplace - Today's Only Quarterly Workplace Population Estimates

Retailers Gain Strategic Insight into Where Consumers Work

AUSTIN, TX - JULY 12, 2005 - Synergos Technologies, Inc., a leading technology and data products provider, announces the updated quarterly release of STI: Workplace, the retail industry's first and only quarterly workplace population estimates. This is the fifth release of the product, which launched in April 2004 as a powerful complement to Synergos Technologies' flagship quarterly population estimate product, STI: PopStats.

While other workplace population estimating products are updated only one time per year, STI: Workplace is updated every three months to accurately represent the ever-changing nature of today's workplace populations. STI: Workplace uses non-traditional workplace data sources and an innovative bottom-up analytic methodology to create the most accurate workplace estimates available today. What's more, STI: Workplace adds considerable added value to traditional workplace market segmentation by estimating not just how many people work in a particular market segment, but also their occupations and incomes.

For retailers, the accurate, timely, and in-depth consumer insight in STI: Workplace adds a tremendous strategic advantage when they are deciding which locations are the most likely to attract large numbers of consumers and net the maximum return on investment.

"Many retailers have not used workplace estimates in their market research, because until now no reliable demographic product has been available," says Robert Welch, President of Synergos Technologies. "STI: Workplace solves this problem, and fills this critical information void."

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In the past 13 years, Synergos Technologies has supplied many of today's leading marketed-focused companies with innovative technology and data tools to more precisely target their markets and consumers. In 2001, the company successfully expanded into population estimates with the release of STI: PopStats. This unique product was created in response to retailers' demand for a more timely, precise, and results-focused population-estimating product. Today many leading retailers are using Synergos Technologies' products and, as a result, are achieving better market targeting results than ever before. For more information, go to