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Synergos Technologies Issues 17th Release of STI: PopStats -- Today's Only Quarterly Population Estimates

Retailers Gain Strategic Insight to Lock-In Hard-to-Find Real Estate

AUSTIN, TX - OCTOBER 4, 2005 - Synergos Technologies, Inc., a leading technology and data products provider, announces the updated quarterly release of STI: PopStats, the retail industry's first and only quarterly population estimates. This is the 17th release of the product, which launched in October 2001.

STI: PopStats gives retailers immediate access to the latest population counts around the country. The entire package of quarterly population counts includes nine quarters of updated and revised population data, encompassing over 600 data variables.

"STI: PopStats is the only population-estimating product updated every three months," says Robert Welch, President of Synergos Technologies. "Our goal is to breakthrough the challenges that retailers face when estimating populations, including the customary annually updated estimating tools. STI: PopStats was specifically designed to give retailers a more timely, accurate, and powerful support tool for making better decisions on new and existing markets.

"Our unique version of a traditional demographic tool is continuing to attract an ever-expanding number of leading retail organizations," adds Welch. "In today's increasingly competitive markets, retailers are finding that the great locations are harder and harder to find. They say that STI: PopStats' timely, accurate, and comprehensive population estimates give them an important edge, allowing them to lock-in the best real estate locations faster."

The next quarterly release of STI: PopStats will be in January 2006.

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In the past 13 years, Synergos Technologies has supplied many of today's leading marketed-focused companies with innovative technology and data tools to more precisely target their markets and consumers. In 2001, the company successfully expanded into population estimates with the release of STI: PopStats. This unique product was created in response to retailers' demand for a more timely, precise, and results-focused population-estimating product. Today many leading retailers are using Synergos Technologies' products and, as a result, are achieving better market targeting results than ever before. For more information, go to