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STI Philosophy

Conduct Market Research Without Limits — With STI's Building Blocks

Synergos Technology Inc. operates from a simple, but powerful, business philosophy — develop information-rich data products that help companies maximize their market research and make more profitable business decisions. Our belief is that these goals cannot be achieved with cookie-cutter data "solutions" that work only on predefined market research problems. Instead, researchers need flexible data and resources that can be configured to meet their unique, diverse, and ever-expanding market research requirements.

That's why STI develops data building blocks that can be mixed, matched, layered, and placed into uncountable configurations — without limits. Our unique approach gives companies the flexibility and freedom they need to take their market research in any direction and evaluate their markets in any way they desire. This will lead to the ultimate goal of every market researcher — greater market insight, more cost-effective market evaluation, and more profitable results.

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A Migrating Population - Using IRS Data to Track Movement Patterns
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The PopStats™ COVID-19 Impact Report:
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