STI: Markets

See the Counties Included in Our 165 Unique U.S. Markets

Prior to Synergos Technologies Inc., geographic market data (including data such as demographics) was typically only available by state, county, or MSA. Also, most data houses deliver the data strictly by county, leaving data users to manage potentially hundreds of files.

To ensure that our clients are not saddled with hundreds of files Synergos Technologies created STI: Markets. It both provides coverage of the entire U.S. and reduces the number of files comprising each market. If you are wondering what was used as the standard for dividing the country, you should know that each market was carefully defined in county makeup with the retailer in mind. As a result, it frequently combines MSAs and crosses state borders. With more than 300 MSAs across the U.S., this means that every market within STI: Markets is the equivalent of two MSAs. Along with being more streamlined, this also translates to even more data for your research dollar.

The creation of STI: Markets resulted in the continental U.S. being broken down into 165 contiguous markets, which combined include every county in the U.S. Each market includes anywhere from one to 40 counties.

So that researchers can easily learn which counties are included in each STI market, we've created a clickable map of the continental U.S. This map is a gateway to STI: Markets. It is designed so that you can easily 'drill-down' into any region to see a market breakout of the counties included in each market.

To use this map, simply click on a color-coded region, then on one of the dots within the market. The market's list of counties will appear on the screen. In addition, a list of markets within each region will appear on the navigation bar for quick and easy viewing.