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Jones Lang LaSalle Locates Ideal Data Partner for Labor Application

In early 2009, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) faced a daunting data challenge when it created the world's first workforce analysis program for site location.

The financial and professional services firm's powerful application, called Orion, transformed labor analysis from a three-day labor-intensive project with multiple spreadsheets and algorithms, into a five-minute desktop mapping and reporting task. But the program needed massive quantities of specialty workplace and population data to calculate meaningful estimates on labor availability, cost, benefits, and risk anywhere in the country.

"Without the right data it would be impossible to accurately predict labor issues in particular occupational categories in specific markets across the country," explains Dr. Wayne Gearey, Senior Vice President of Location Intelligence for JLL, an industry leader in property and corporate facility management services, with a portfolio of approximately 1.3 billion square feet in 750 locations in 60 countries.

STI's Labor Data Solution

To find the ideal data to populate Orion, JLL began talking to data suppliers. But it wasn't until the company met with Synergos Technologies that it found a company that could provide the exact specialty population, labor, and demographic data the application required.

"Only Synergos was able to deliver everything we needed," says Wayne. "No one else could completely meet our needs. We realized that Synergos could become an important partner in our project's long-term success."

"We understand innovation around demographic data," says Robert Welch, President of STI. "Our entire product line was created based on a combination of innovation and our clients' requests for leading-edge data solutions. Becoming an official Data Solutions Partner was the next logical step in executing our mission of delivering the best-in-class data to industry-leading companies, like Jones Lang LaSalle."

"Our relationship with Synergos is ideal, because the company is a leading data vendor, understands the importance of timely and accurate data, and is able to meet our unique data requirements," adds Wayne. "Partnering with STI was the perfect solution to make Orion the best workforce analytics program in the marketplace today."

As JLL's data partner, STI supplies Orion with the following data:

  • STI: WorkPlace™ variables, including the current number of businesses and employees, and employees' occupations and salaries
  • STI: PopStats™ population estimates

About JLL's Labor Analytic Platform

Orion is the perfect name for JLL's new labor force analytic program, because it means "location hunter." The application provides the critical missing ingredient when commercial operations are scouting ideal locations - labor. After all, even when every geodemographic variable is in place, if there is not a workforce available with the appropriate skills to man the new location, business operations will suffer.

JLL had performed workforce analysis for clients in the past, but the task was time-consuming and tedious. Now, the company simply enters each client's unique labor requirements into the application. Orion analyzes its workforce data and weights the variables by importance. It then generates top market rankings, heat maps, and site-specific reports. These findings include detailed scoring tables and maps of scaled factors, such as job saturation rates, social and creative capital ranking, occupation-centric skills distribution, and educational preparedness breakdowns.

"Labor is one of the biggest issues facing employers today," says Wayne. "The workforce analysis provided through Orion helps ensure that our clients can easily consider their labor options so that they are able to make optimal location decisions. They benefit from an enhanced ability to identify and measure the impact of labor cost, availability, benefits, and risks that may not be readily apparent.

"STI is a critical player in our innovation application's success."

About the STI: Data Solutions Partner Program

Being a Data Partner is not a new concept for STI. The company has always considered itself a Data Partner to its clients. The partnership has always included being available to answer questions about STI data when clients need answers, offering clients the opportunity to challenge the data estimates, and sharing in-depth data insight at the annual PopStats Research Conference.

Innovation is a cornerstone in STI's own product offering. From its first data product STI: PopStats, STI has launched several industry firsts - including the first quarterly population estimates, the first neighborhood segmentation system that measures attitude, and the first workplace estimates to include employees' occupations and salaries.

"Synergos is available to help solve today's most challenging spatial data requirements," says Robert. "Our track record proves that we bring innovative thinking to every data challenge. We would like all of our clients to consider us as their data partner, not just a vendor. We want to know: What can STI help you build today?"


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