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Providing the Building Blocks for More Informed Decisions

We create the market’s most accurate and up-to-date datasets. Interested now?

Upgrade Your Data

Providing the Building Blocks for Informed Decisions

Get to know why we’re the market’s most accurate and up-to-date datasets. Interested now?

Upgrade Your Data

Core Datasets

STI: PopStats™

A demographic dataset that’s updated quarterly to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date data on the market.

STI: LandScape™

A psychographic dataset with 72 lifestyle segments to help build the perfect customer profile.

STI: WorkPlace™

Counting businesses and employees in your trade area.

STI: BlockPoint™

Count populations with pinpoint precision – block-level data was never more accurate.

STI: Spending Patterns™

Discover consumer spending habits and price potential in your trade areas.

STI: Market Outlook™

Identify consumer demand gaps in your trade areas.

STI: Colossus™

Analyze the impact of today’s leading economic indicators on your business.

Sharpen, Advance, and Expand Your Market Research — Without Limits

Your market research queries are unique to your company’s business strategy. That’s why one-size-fits-all data solutions are insufficient for your research needs — and they unnecessarily place limits on your market evaluations. What’s needed is flexible research building blocks.

Demographic data building blocks, for example, are a powerful alternative to cookie-cutter data products. Unlike other data, they allow you to unleash your company’s maximum market research potential. These data building blocks and others can be applied in uncountable configurations to meet your exact research needs — without limits.

Since 1992, Synergos Technologies Inc. (STI) has been providing market-focused companies with many of today’s most innovative and confidence-boosting demographic data building blocks. With data like STI: PopStats™, STI: LandScape™, and more, companies across the country are sharpening, advancing, and expanding their market research to new levels of market, consumer, and location insight.

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“We greatly appreciate that Robert added Puerto Rico population estimates to PopStats at our request. This is a very successful market for us, and gaining access to this data has allowed us to think more strategically about our stores in that market.”

— Walgreens

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