Synergos Technologies, Inc. (STI)

Launching Breakthrough Geospatial Data Products Since 1992

Synergos Technologies, Inc. (STI)

Launching Breakthrough GIS Data Products Since 1993

About Us

Synergos Technologies Inc. has been helping companies better understand their U.S. markets since 1993. Time and again, consumer-focused companies have come to us with market research questions and problems they could not find answers to anywhere else. In most cases, we developed unique solutions that met their exact needs.

As a result, STI’s growth trajectory has been highlighted by many firsts: Each one leaving a lasting impression on the market research industry — from our introduction of the first affordable desktop mapping software in 1993 to our launch of the STI: PopStats™ product, the first quarterly population estimates, in 2001.

STI entered the market research industry with one primary goal: To breakthrough industry traditions and develop more powerful software tools and data products for consumer-focused companies. The first thing we discovered is that most companies could not afford desktop mapping software. STI changed this with the introduction of STI: Vortex VDB, the first comprehensive and affordable desktop mapping software. This was soon followed by a full slate of mapping data products.

Then in 2000 STI learned that the vast majority of companies were facing a common research problem: the lack of dependable population estimates. STI developed a unique methodology for estimating populations at the block-group level and delivered this data quarterly in the breakthrough product, STI: PopStats — which soon became the leading population estimating data for the market research industry.

In 2005, STI launched its second major product, an innovative consumer lifestyle segmentation system called STI: LandScape. Unlike any other segmentation data, LandScape brings consumer attitudinal data out of the shadows and into the forefront, so companies can understand and map consumers’ purchasing propensities at the neighborhood-level.

Since then STI has continued to create leading-edge data products, including STI: BlockPoint, STI: WorkPlace, and STI: Spending Patterns. Every product we launch is inspired by the real needs of real companies in the real world.

Over the years, STI’s dedication to accuracy and responsive customer service has brought it to the forefront of today’s leading consumer-focused companies. Today STI data is used by leading companies in retail, real estate, healthcare, telecommunications, finance, and other industries.

Looking to the future, STI is committed to the continued development of new and enhanced data products to help companies make even smarter and more financially viable decisions. To this end, new innovative data products are currently under development in our office in Austin, Texas.

Your needs are our first priority. What would you like to build today?