Synergos Technologies, Inc. (STI)

Launching Breakthrough GIS Data Products Since 1993

Synergos Technologies, Inc. (STI)

Launching Breakthrough GIS Data Products Since 1993

Customer Service

Unlock the Power of Your Data Investment with STI’s World-Class Customer Service

Synergos Technologies Inc. is committed to delivering not only the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and precise data, but also delivering world-class customer service — to ensure our clients gain the maximum return on their data investment. Unlike many data providers, we believe that purchasing a demographic data set is only the first step on your journey to more accurate, timely, and information-enriched market research. You also need responsive customer service to ensure the maximum results from your data.

How many times have you contacted a GIS data provider and gotten nowhere? That will never happen with STI. We believe that the sale of our products is not the end of our customer transaction, but the beginning of a valuable partnership. In this relationship, our responsibility to our clients is to fully support the application of our products including:

  • Rapidly respond to every inquiry, often within one day
  • Consider every request for customized data
  • Conduct appropriate and timely research into any data conflict
  • Adapt and grow our products to meet our clients’ expanding market research needs
  • Share in-depth updates on every new product release and update

STI values the data requirements of our clients above all else. From the beginning, we adopted this unique customer-centric approach to product development – allowing our clients’ market research needs to dictate our innovation. Since then, every new product and update has been inspired by our clients’ real-world market research needs.

For example, since its launch, the STI: PopStats™ product has continued to expand into new demographic territory based on companies’ real-world market research needs. Based on this guiding philosophy, the product has grown from 20 demographic variables in 2001 to over 1,000 variables in 2009 — most directly related to our clients’ requests for new demographic data.

STI: PopStats data’s many product updates have included seasonal data requested by a grocery chain, transient population counts for a QSR client, Puerto Rico population counts for a drug store chain, and age breakouts for a toy store chain. As the product expands, all STI: PopStats users benefit from the increasingly robust data, which they receive in new product releases.

By making the majority of our product-growth decisions based on our clients’ data requests, we know that our data is helping market researchers achieve their goals, including identifying fast-growing markets, spotting growth trends, and uncovering growth changes.

What you would like to build today? We are listening.