STI: PopStats™ Mexico Beta

The most comprehensive demographic estimate for Mexico.

STI: PopStats™ Mexico Beta

The most comprehensive demographic estimate for Mexico.

Synergos customers have relied on our demographic data estimates to make critical site selection decisions in the United States for decades, and now they can expand their research efforts to Mexico with confidence, thanks to STI:PopStats Mexico Beta.  

Whether performing research to expand a brand’s footprint or breaking ground in Mexico for the first time, we’ve built a demographic dataset designed to provide reliable variables and a consistent methodology that can become a solid foundation for any research program. 

Unlike other demographic datasets for Mexico, which are often outdated, and are provided on large grids, STI:PopStats Mexico provides a higher degree of resolution and it is trended historically on a quarterly basis. 

When you choose PopStats data to fuel your research engine, you will gain today’s leading population data, the highest level of population-estimating accuracy, and a robust range of population variables.

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“PopStats gives us seemingly infinite knowledge about our customers – where they live, work, and travel. With PopStats we can conduct much more sophisticated market research, including locating our best customers by factors that are critical to Del Taco, such as ethnicity and income. This provides a major customer-targeting advantage, particularly in new markets.”

— Del Taco and Captain D’s Seafood Kitchen

STI: PopStats™ Mexico Features & Benefits

Gain Greater Research Confidence

Elevate your research to the highest level of insight with accurate, robust, timely, and field-tested population estimates.

Track Current Population Changes

See population changes as they occur, including trade area upswings and downturns, new growth, seasonal growth, and other vital changes.

Pinpoint High-Growth Markets

Find new areas of growth before your competitors—and be the first to secure customer loyalty.

Learn More About Your Markets

Access over 155 data variables to conduct a wide range of research.

Yearly Delivery

Receive updated data on an annual basis in July.

Conduct Historical  Research

Understand markets’ past and future trends using PopStats’ previous years of population data.

Expand Your Research Insight

Attend STI’s Annual Research Conference, which provides a forum to share research, knowledge, and best practices.

Integrate Data Seamlessly

Integrate with your current research engine of choice—PopStats data works with all existing applications.

Use STI’s Free GIS Tools for Clients

Leverage a wealth of GIS data with the STI: Data Depot, and use STI: ISIS (Interactive Statistical Informational System) executive-level reporting software—all free.

Get Flexible Licensing Terms

Obtain generous licensing terms, including the use of previous year’s data, authorized data use beyond purchase year, and minimal data-use restrictions.

Receive Responsive Customer Service

Enjoy STI’s industry-leading customer service—the highest in the research industry.

Test STI: PopStats™ Mexico

Unleash your research potential and enjoy greater confidence in your research — with today’s leading quarterly population and demographic data.

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