Unleash the Power of Your Market Research with STI Datasets

Unleash the Power of Your Market Research with STI Datasets

STI: PopStats™

The market’s only and most accurate quarterly demographic data.

STI: LandScape™

Segment consumers by their lifestyle attitudes to discover their purchasing preferences.

  • STI: PopStats data dependability
  • 10 unique lifestyle indicators
  • 11 unique environmental indicators
  • Syndicated consumer survey data
  • Seamless data integration

STI: WorkPlace™

Counting businesses and employees in your trade area.

  • Gain confidence in business data sources
  • Access correct business and employee counts
  • Receive quarterly updates
  • Obtain block-level insight
  • Discover unique worker insight

STI: Spending Patterns™

Discover consumer spending habits and price potential in your trade areas.

  • Expand your consumer knowledge base
  • Review consumers’ spending habits
  • Determine pricing strategies by geography
  • Discover spending patterns in group quarters

STI: BlockPoint™

Count populations with unmatched precision – block level data was never more accurate.

  • Estimating populations with finer granularity
  • Ideal for small trade areas
  • 1,000 points of data for every block point

STI: PopStats MX ™

Explore Mexico demographics with a brand you can trust.

  • Yearly updates
  • Historically trended
  • Population breakouts by age
  • Explore religious affiliation, educational attainment, ethnicity and economic indices

STI: Colossus™

Analyze the impact of today's leading economic indicators on your business.

  • Millions of economic data variables
  • Leading economic indicators
  • National and international economic statistics
  • New economic analysis
  • 10 or more years of history

STI: Market Outlook™

Identify consumer demand gaps in your trade areas.

  • Measure gap analysis by market
  • Explore current supply by market
  • Pinpoint product demand gaps
  • Retain customer loyalty within your markets
  • Prevent losses in oversaturated markets