Synergos Technologies, Inc. (STI)

Launching Breakthrough GIS Data Products Since 1993

Synergos Technologies, Inc. (STI)

Launching Breakthrough GIS Data Products Since 1993

STI Team Members

Synergos Means “Working Together”

Synergos Technologies Inc. is first and foremost about people — including our dedicated team members. Combined, our team brings extensive technical knowledge, GIS expertise, exceptional enthusiasm, and a client-centric attitude to work everyday.

In fact, Synergos is not just the name of our company — it’s also a declaration of our mission statement, because Synergos literally means “working together.” There is no more apt description of our approach to business. Not only does our team work together to bring our clients leading-edge data, but also we work one-on-one with our clients to ensure each company receives the maximum benefit from their investment in our products. Our internal and external team approach improves problem solving, product innovation, and client satisfaction.

Today the STI team is working on behalf of our clients to develop the next-generation of innovative data solutions and to expand our product offering into new territory. As always, we are focused on helping our clients elevate their market research to new levels of market insight, decision-making precision, and bottom-line profitability.

Meet the STI Team — Innovators. Solution Providers. Your Data Partners.

Robert Welch – President

At first glance the space shuttle and demographic data have little in common. But a closer examination will show the common denominator is sophisticated mathematical models that process vast amounts of raw data into actionable insight. Robert created the models for several sophisticated projects, including a defense system for TRW, a location model for one of the first cellular companies, and a risk-assessment model for Lockheed’s space shuttle. In 1992, Robert transferred his unique ability to create mathematical models into the creation of powerful tools for consumer-focused businesses. In the late 1990s he applied his innovative mathematical modeling skills to the problem of estimating populations in markets across the U.S. In 2001, he launched STI: PopStats™, today’s leading demographic population data, which forever changed the way progressive businesses measure populations within their trade areas. As the President and lead developer at STI, Robert continues to develop breakthrough data products, such as the STI: LandScape™ and STI: BlockPoint™ products. Robert has a BBA in marketing research from the University of Texas at El Paso and an MBA in finance from the University of Texas at Austin.

Lesley Newman – Executive Vice President

All of Lesley’s prior work experience came together in a powerful way in 2006 when she joined STI. In particular, Lesley brings three areas of expertise to her position at STI — sales of enterprise systems to retailers, sales of accounting software, and customer training. She gained a thorough understanding of the information needs of retail operations while selling enterprise-level systems to restaurants and grocery stores. She has also sold accounting systems, which afforded her a solid background in the significance of processing numbers, a critical skill in data analysis. Lesley has also held positions as a trainer of technology systems: through this experience she developed the ability to explain complex technical topics to clients in simple ways. Today all of Lesley’s past experience provides an ideal foundation for helping a wide range of STI’s clients determine which demographic data products will best meet their market research needs. She also actively contributes insight into the company’s new product development, its sales strategy, and its marketing program. Lesley has a degree in communication from the University of Virginia.

Kyle Day – Executive Vice President

Kyle Day is the head of new data product development at Synergos Technologies Inc. Kyle has been at Synergos for over 9 years and is focused on the implementation of statistical methods in a geospatial context. He is the architect of STI:PopStats Mexico, and responsible for the development of new product offerings.

Pablo Gonzalez – Vice President of Marketing and Sales

Pablo is a futurist, and a passionate technology and team builder. He is the VP of Marketing and Sales at Synergos Technology, Inc., the leader in demographic data for site location analysis. He’s the former CEO and co-founder of Tugg, Inc., a company that pioneered community on-demand experiences in the movie business. For over two decades he has led cross-functional teams to deliver integrated data, software, and hardware solutions. He holds an Electrical Engineering degree and an MBA, and spends a ridiculous amount of time imagining the world leading up to the singularity.

Canaan Hoffmann – Executive Administrator

Dale Honeycutt – Director of Marketing, Ersys

Justin Renaud – Systems Analyst