STI: Colossus

Analyze the impact of today’s leading economic data indicators on your business.

STI: Colossus

Analyze the impact of today’s leading economic indicators on your business

Did you know that economic reports on new and existing home sales help predict if consumers are in a shopping mood? Did you know that economic reports on advanced orders for durable goods indicate positive changes in business activity? Did you know that the Consumer Price Index gauges inflation and much more at the retail level?

What do these economic insights mean to your company? The answer lies in bringing macroeconomic data down to a market-level — where it is accessible, meaningful, and usable. The STI: Colossus econometric data brings together literally millions of economic variables from over 200 leading federal and state departments and agencies in one singular source, for the first time.

When you add Colossus data to your research engine, you gain easy access to a vast universe of macroeconomic data, which you can use to meet your company’s specific business needs and challenges — such as preferred market analysis, impact analysis, and economic development.

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STI: Colossus™ Features & Benefits

Millions of Economic Data Variables

Gain access to the nation’s leading economic insight — all from one convenient and robust singular source

Leading Economic Indicators

Discover what the macroeconomic indicators mean to your markets — including Consumer Price Index (CPI), Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Consumer Confidence Survey, and more

National and International Economic Statistics

Elevate your research to the highest level of insight with accurate, Find out how your markets stack up on major economic issues, such as U.S. workers’ hourly wages, bankruptcy filings, unemployment filings, and more, timely, and field-tested population estimates.

New Economic Analysis

Conduct a wide range of economic research, including preferred market analysis, market impact studies, economic development comparison, and labor pool evaluations

Multiple Geographic Levels

Drill up or down to extract data at the national, state, and county levels

10 or More Years of History

Track trends by comparing current economic data to past years’ data

Seamless Data Integration

Gain easy access to Colossus data — which works on all existing research engines

Free GIS Tools

Leverage a wealth of GIS data from the online STI: Data Depot, and use STI: ISIS, an executive-level reporting software — all free to STI clients

Flexible Licensing Terms

Obtain generous licensing terms — including the use of previous year’s data, authorized data use beyond purchase year, and minimal data-use restrictions.

Annual Research Insight

Attend STI’s Annual Research Conference — which provides a forum to share industry research, knowledge, and best practices.

Responsive Customer Service

Enjoy STI’s industry-leading customer service — the highest in the research industry

Analyze Preferred Markets from a macroeconomic perspective to gain richer insight

Economic challenges are forcing companies to be more selective when conducting Preferred Market Analysis to find new locations. By adding economic insight to the equation, companies gain a valuable set of decision criteria.

In-depth Impact Analysis reveals the economic viability of your existing markets

Every market is influenced by economic booms and busts. But what is the specific impact on your markets? And what are the short- and long-range forecasts for your markets’ economic health? The wide range of data in Colossus can help reveal the answers.

Research labor pools from different angles of view

Colossus data can tell companies a lot about the labor potential in specific markets. For example, an area with a high number of degrees conferred and high income levels is likely to experience less hardship during an economic downturn due to a greater savings ability and level of discretionary spending among workers.

Colossus data is the perfect addition for companies already using the STI: PopStats data suite. While other STI data products provide companies with precise micro-level views of their consumers, trade areas, and locations, Colossus data allows them to step back and understand their trade areas from a macroeconomic perspective. With an understanding of the broader economic factors that are impacting today’s trade areas, companies can make even more informed and profitable business decisions.

Test STI: Colossus™ in Your Trade Area

Unleash your research potential and enjoy greater confidence in your research — with today’s leading quarterly population and demographic data.

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