Synergos Technologies, Inc. - Product Overview

Product Overview

Unleash the Power of Your Market Research with STI Data Products

Site studies. Store appraisals. Competitive comparisons. Sales forecasts. Network evaluations.

Today market researchers across the nation are using Synergos Technologies Inc.'s demographic data to build all of these decision-support tools — and many more — to better understand their markets and potential markets, and to make smarter and more cost-effective business decisions.

Now you can unleash your market research to new levels with data building blocks that fit your exact research needs — instead of force-fitting your research into cookie-cutter solutions. Our flexible and configurable demographic data products include:

  • STI: PopStats™ - Today's leading population estimates

  • STI: LandScape™ - Innovative lifestyle attitude segmentation

  • STI: WorkPlace™ - Accurate counts of America's workforce

  • STI: Spending Patterns™ - Current and predicted expenditures

  • STI: BlockPoint™ - Population counts with pinpoint precision

  • STI: Market Outlook™ - Find consumer demand gaps

  • STI: Colossus™ - Macroeconomics at the market level

Learn what other companies already know about the power of applying STI data products to achieve a wide range of business goals including:

  • Spotting high-growth markets

  • Pinpointing precise neighborhood segments

  • Identifying ideal workforce populations

  • Overcoming market saturation

  • Securing customer loyalty

  • Isolating store problems

  • Accelerating growth plans

  • Maximizing store networks

What would you like to build today?

Take a look at our products and let us know.


A Migrating Population - Using IRS Data to Track Movement Patterns
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